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 Maryland Annual Collection Schedule for 4-year Public Institutions 
8/5/2013  Degree Information System File - Old Format  DIS  Parris Jackson 
9/3/2013  WIA Program Performance Data File (Only schools participating in WIA program)  WDS  Dean Kendall
9/4/2013  IPEDS Opens for Institution Characteristics (IC); Completions (C); 12 Month Enrollment (C uploaded by MHEC on 9/12/13)  IPEDS Web-Site 
9/9/2013  High School Graduate System Data File - Final Submission  System Sunsets HGS  Parris Jackson 
9/12/2013  MHEC Uploads IPEDS Degree Completions File  Parris Jackson 
10/1/2013  Board-Approved Institutional Performance Accountability Report  PAR Andrew Nichols 
10/15/2013  Opening Fall Enrollment  S7  Parris Jackson 
10/15/2013  Transfer Student System File (4 year only) Final Submission  System Sunsets  TSS  Parris Jackson 
10/16/2013  IPEDS Fall Collection Close (C uploaded by MHEC on 9/12/13)  IC, C, E12  IPEDS Web-Site 
11/4/2013  Application / Acceptance / Admission  AIS  Parris Jackson 
11/4/2013  Credit Hours of Enrollment  S6, Instructions Parris Jackson 
11/4/2013  Institutional SAT Profile  MHEC S-11  Parris Jackson 
11/15/2013  Enrollment Information System Data File Summer/Fall - MAC2 New Format - New! EIS  Parris Jackson 
11/15/2013  First-Time Undergraduate Student Cohort SSN Change (optional)  S-15  Parris Jackson 
12/11/2013  IPEDS Spring Collection Opens for Fall Enrollment (EF), Human Resources (HR), Finance (F), (EF, HR, F uploaded by MHEC on 3/10/2014)  EF, HR, F  IPEDS Web Site 
12/11/2013  IPEDS Winter Collection Opens Student Financial Aid (SFA), Graduation Rates (GRS), Graduation Rates (GR200), uploaded by MHEC 1/15/2014  SFA, GR, GR200  IPEDS Web Site 
12/15/2013  Financial Aid Information System Annual Data File - MAC2 New Format - New! FAIS  Parris Jackson 
1/15/2014  Distance Education Survey  DE  Parris Jackson 
1/15/2014  Employee Data System Annual Data File - MAC2 New Format - New! EDS  Parris Jackson 
1/15/2014  MHEC Uploads Winter IPEDS Graduation Rates  GR  Parris Jackson 
2/12/2014  IPEDS Winter Collection Closes for SFA, Graduation Rates (GRS), Graduation Rates (GR200)  SFA, GR, GR200  IPEDS Web Site 
3/10/2014  MHEC IPEDS Upload for EF, HR  EF, HR  IPEDS Web Site 
3/14/2014  Opening Spring Enrollment - New Report for Spring Term - New! S7 Parris Jackson
3/17/2014  Course Information System (CIS) Summer/Fall - MAC2 New Format - "Optional for this year only" CIS  Parris Jackson 
3/17/2014  Student Registration System (SRS) Summer/Fall - MAC2 New Format - "Optional for this year only" SRS  Parris Jackson 
4/9/2014  IPEDS Spring Collection Closes for Fall Enrollment (EF), Finance (F), Human Resources (HR) (EF, HR uploaded by MHEC)  EF, F, HR  IPEDS Web Site 
4/18/2014  End-of-Term (EOTS)Summer/Fall - MAC2 New Format - New! EOTS Parris Jackson 
4/18/2014  External Credit System (ECS) Summer/Fall -MAC2 New Format - New! ECS Parris Jackson
Degree Information Systems (DIS)  Summer/Fall - MAC2 New Format - New! DIS Parris Jackson 
5/15/2014  Enrollment Information System (EIS) Winter/Spring - MAC2 New Format - New! EIS  Parris Jackson 
6/20/2014 Non-Resident Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants - New! S-20  Kimberlee Eberle-Sudre

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