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MHEC Secure Data Web File Transfer Process

The MHEC Secure Data Web was built to support data transfers between higher education institutions in Maryland and the Commission.  Files are uploaded securely.  To ensure security you will be requested to enter an MHEC supplied UserID and password. Please use the prescribed secure file transfer process and refrain from emailing submissions.

There are four file submission sites each related to a different functional area.   Each website requires   specific MHEC assigned user information.  If you are unsure of the correct UserID or password for a site please email to request help to logon to the site. 

The four functional areas are:

  • Maryland Annual Collection 2 (MAC2)
    Used by all colleges and universities EXCEPT Private institutions to upload any of the following MAC2 Unit Record Data Files:  CWS, DIS, ECS, EDS, EIS, EOTS, FAIS, CIS, SRS, MAPCS, NCI, Noncredit Workforce Completer System (NWCS).  Please use the Pre-Edit option on this site to check your file before submitting the file to MHEC.
    There is currently no Pre-Editing for CWS, NCI, or NWCS. 
  • Maryland Annual Collection (MAC) Surveys
    Used by all colleges and universities to upload any of the following survey files:
    AIS, CC2 (online data entry), CC6, MHEC D, DE, EIS (For PRIVATES only), S3, S5, S6, S7, and S15.
  • Continuing Education Online Course Approval System (CE)
    Online data entry and file upload and download including CC3 used by Community Colleges only.
  • Optional Retirement System (ORS)
    File upload used by all Community Colleges except Baltimore City Community College.

After you login to a secure site and select an option to submit a file, the File Transfer web page will appear.  This web page is considered to be the "File Certification Form".  You need to fill in the information about who you are and about the file that you are uploading.  Please check to make sure you have entered the correct information for the type of data collection you are uploading. On the File Transfer webpage there is a "Browse" button that enables you to find the file on your network that you want to upload to MHEC.  After you click the "Submit" button the file is uploaded from your network to MHEC through a secure socket layer that uses encryption to protect the security of the data.

After your file is submitted a  "Response" web page will verify your file upload.  This information becomes part of your upload record and is sent to the MHEC Survey Coordinator.  Printing the confirmation response page will provide you with a receipt of your file upload. You will also receive a confirmation email.