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2018-19 Maryland Annual Collection Schedule for
4-year Public Institutions 

(Submissions are due the next business day for any date that falls on a weekend or holiday)
For questions and additional information please contact the Survey Coordinator
August  2018
August 4 Degree Information System (DIS) Annual File
DIS  MAC2 File Transfer
August 15  External Credit System (ECS) Annual File ECS MAC2 File Transfer
September  2018
September 3 Cultural Diversity Report    Alexia Van Orden 
September 5 IPEDS Opens for Institution Characteristics (IC); Completions (C)12 Month Enrollment
(C uploaded by MHEC on 9/21/2017) 
IC, C, E12  IPEDS Web-Site 
September 15 New due date - Course Information System (CIS) Winter/Spring CIS  MAC2 File Transfer
New due date - Student Registration System (SRS) Winter/Spring SRS  MAC2 File Transfer
September 21 MHEC Uploads IPEDS Degree Completions File  Parris Jackson 
October  2018
October 1 Board-Approved Institutional Performance Accountability Report  PAR Jon Enriquez
October 15 New due date - End-of-Term (EOTS) Winter/Spring EOTS MAC2 File Transfer
October 17 Opening Fall Enrollment S7 (.xls)  MAC File Transfer
October 17 IPEDS Fall Collection Close
IC, C, E12  IPEDS Web-Site 
November  2018
November 1 WIOA Program Performance Data File (Only schools participating in WIOA program)  WDS  Ashley Wallace
November 3 Application / Acceptance / Admission MHEC S-3 AIS  MAC File Transfer
Credit Hours of Enrollment  S-6_Form
MAC File Transfer
November 4 Institutional SAT Profile  S-11 Form MAC File Transfer
November 15 Enrollment Information System (EIS) Data File Summer/Fall EIS  MAC2 File Transfer
  Financial Aid Information System (FAIS) Annual Data File FAIS  MAC2 File Transfer
First-Time Undergraduate Student Cohort SSN Change (optional)  S-15 Form (.xls) MAC File Transfer
December  2018

December 1
New Pilot - Maryland Approved Program Completer System (MAPCS) Annual Data File MAPCS MAC File Transfer Barbara Schmertz
December 12 IPEDS Winter Collection Opens Student Financial Aid (SFA), Graduation Rates (GRS), Graduation Rates (GR200), Admissions and Outcome Measures
(only GRS & GR200 are uploaded by MHEC 1/24/2018)
SFA, GRS, GR200, ADM, OM  IPEDS Web-Site 
IPEDS Spring Collection Opens for Fall Enrollment (EF), Finance (F), Human Resources (HR), Libraries (L)
(EF, HR uploaded by MHEC on 3/9/2018)
EF, HR, F, L IPEDS Web-Site 
December 15 Employee Data System (EDS) Annual Data File EDS  MAC2 File Transfer
January  2019
January 15  Distance Education Survey DE Survey(.xls) MAC File Transfer
January 24 MHEC Uploads Winter IPEDS for Graduation Rates (GRS), Graduation Rates (GR200) GRS, GR200  Parris Jackson 
February  2019
February 13 IPEDS Winter Collection Closes for SFA, Graduation Rates (GRS), Graduation Rates (GR200), Admissions and Outcome Measures  SFA, GRS, GR200, ADM, OM  IPEDS Web-Site 
March  2019

March 1
Report on Students Receiving Accommodations for Disabilities S-25 4DR (.xls) MAC File Transfer Barbara Schmertz
March 9 MHEC Uploads Spring IPEDS for EF, HR  EF, HR  IPEDS Web-Site 
March 15 Opening Spring Enrollment - Report for Spring Term S7  Form MAC File Transfer
Course Information System (CIS) Summer/Fall CIS  MAC2 File Transfer
Student Registration System (SRS) Summer/Fall SRS  MAC2 File Transfer
April  2019
April 1  Enrollment Information System (EIS) Winter/Spring EIS  MAC2 File Transfer
April 10  IPEDS Spring Collection Closes for Fall Enrollment (EF), Finance (F), Human Resources (HR), Libraries (L) EF, F, HR, L IPEDS Web-Site 
April 15  End-of-Term System (EOTS) Summer/Fall EOTS MAC2 File Transfer
May  2019
June  2019
June 3 Foster Care Homeless Youth Tuition Waiver Survey  S-30 (.xls) MAC File Transfer Barbara Schmertz
June 17 Non-Resident Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants S-20 Form (.xls) MAC File Transfer
  Unique Student Identifier System USIS USIS File Transfer