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Maryland Annual Collection Surveys

For improved processing and automatic calculations, MHEC is providing formatted Excel (.xls) workbooks and MSWord (.doc) documents to collect data for the surveys listed below. Please submit the completed surveys by the due date to MHEC using the MHEC Secure File Transfer website.

Directions and Steps to Complete Surveys:

  1. Download and save each Survey form and instructions to your computer.
  2. Open the workbook  or document and enter you name and institution information at the top of each worksheet or form.
  3. Please do not reformat or change the set up of the worksheets or documents.
  4. Enter the student counts as numbers - do not enter letters.
  5. TOTALS in yellow highlighted cells are calculated automatically (do not enter data in the yellow cells).
  6. If you have no data for a sheet or cell you can leave it blank.
  7. Please scroll to the right and left to make sure you have viewed and completed all the columns and rows, and all the worksheets in the workbook or document.
  8. SAVE the data in your Excel workbook as an .xls workbook or MSWord document on your computer.
  9. Once you have completed the workbook or document, please return to the MHEC Secure Data Web at and use the File Transfer process for Maryland Annual Collection (MAC) Surveys.  You will  be asked to log-in. 
  10. If you do not have the MHEC UserID assigned to your institution by MHEC please email the Help Desk at 
  11. After you log-in a secure web page will allow you to  upload [Submit] the survey.
MAC Surveys
Enrollment Summary Report for Credit Courses (CC-2)
      MHEC CC-2 Online Data Entry
Community Colleges
Unduplicated Non-Credit Headcount Enrollment (CC-6)
      MHEC CC-6 Excel Workbook(Instructions included)
Community Colleges
Degree and Formal Awards - All Students (MHEC D)
      MHEC D Instructions (pdf)
      MHEC D (Excel Workbook)     
Private Institutions
Distance Education Survey  (MHEC DE)
      MHEC Distance Education (Excel Workbook)
      Instructions included in the Survey Excel form
All Institutions
 Enrollment by Program - All Students (MHEC S-1)
      MHEC S-1 Instructions (pdf)
      MHEC S-1 Excel Workbooks(Undergraduate and Graduate)     
Private Institutions
Residence by County - All Students (MHEC S-4)
      MHEC S-4 Instructions (pdf)
      MHEC S-4 (Excel Workbook)
Private Institutions
Financial Aid (MHEC S-5)
      MHEC S-5 (Excel Workbook instructions included)
Private Institutions
Credit Hours and Eligible Continuing Education Enrollment (MHEC CC-S-6)
      MHEC CC-S-6 Single Campus (Excel Workbook for CC only)
      MHEC CC-S-6 Multi-Campus (Excel Workbook for CC only)
      MHEC CC-S-6 Instructions (pdf) - Comm. Colleges Only
 Community Colleges only
Credit Hours and Eligible Continuing Education Enrollment (MHEC S-6)
      MHEC S-6_Form (Excel Workbook) 4-Year Institutions
      MHEC S-6 Instructions (pdf) -  4 Year Institutions
 4-Year Public Institutions
Preliminary Opening Enrollment (MHEC S-7)
      FALL - MHEC S-7 Excel Workbook (Instructions included)
      SPRING - MHEC S-7 Excel Workbook (Instructions included)
All institutions
 Residence by State - All Students (MHEC S-8)
      MHEC S-8 Instructions (pdf)
      MHEC S-8 (Excel Workbook)
Private Institutions
Enrollment by Age - All Students (MHEC S-9)
      MHEC S-9 Instructions (pdf)
      MHEC S-9 (Excel Workbook)
Private Institutions
Institutional SAT Profile of all First-time Undergraduates (MHEC S-11)
      MHEC S-11 (Excel Workbook)
Four Year Public Institutions
First-time Undergraduate Student Cohort Social Security Number Changes (MHEC S-15)
      MHEC S-15 Instructions and Form (Excel Workbook)
Public Institutions
Nonresident Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants (MHEC S-20)
      MHEC S-20 Excel Workbook(Instructions included)
Public Institutions
Report on Students Receiving Accommodations for Disabilities    
      MHEC S-25 2DR Excel Workbook(Instructions included)
Community Colleges
Report on Students Receiving Accommodations for Disabilities    
      MHEC S-25 4DR Excel Workbook(Instructions included)
Four Year Institutions
Foster Care and Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Tuition Waiver  
      MHEC S-30 Excel Workbook (Instruction Included)
Public Institutions