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Auxiliary Files Used for the MAC2 Collection

The files listed below can be used to help you create the Unit Record Survey Files for the MAC2 Collection. Please save the file to your computer  for use in preparing your survey data files.

  • OPEID Codes List used for EIS and ECS
  • Program Completer Codes (pdf) used for MAPCS
    Search Link (IPEDS Web-site)  
  • MHEC Program Inventory Codes (.xls) are updated monthly and used for DIS and EIS.  Select your institution below.  Type 1 programs can be used for DIS.  Type 1 and 3 programs can be used for EIS.  Reporting enrollment and degrees for discontinued programs can trigger Edit Warnings.


  • high school   Current High School Codes in Maryland (an online list) 


Trend Data Files Available for Download

The files you can download from this web page are public information.  Each download file is a ".zip" file containing an Excel file.  Please save the Zip file to your computer and extract the Excel file for use.