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Unique Student Identifier System (USIS)

MHEC has partnered with the Maryland Department of Education (MSDE) to use their Unique Student Identifier System (USIS). The purpose of this system is to allow higher education institutions to search for State Assigned Student Identifiers (SASIDs) based on specific selected criteria. Every publicly-funded kindergarten through twelfth grade student in the State of Maryland is given a SASID that provides the ability to uniquely identify Maryland students and track their progress through the Maryland education system.

Access to this system is available at any time. The goal is for institutions to download the SASIDs, update their systems, and submit data collection files to MHEC containing the new identifier. The overall objective to having the SASID as part of data collection is to enhance the State’s ability to link higher education and K-12 records to satisfy current expectations for data availability and use for the Maryland Longitudinal Data System.